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Our Career Stories

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Chris Brant
Director of Retail Projects & Facilities Management, United Kingdom

What have been your career highlights?

Thankfully there have been a few!

After joining Selfridges in 2003 I was part of the fantastic team and experienced the building and opening the Birmingham store.

Moving to Amsterdam to join de Bijenkorf and run the Amsterdam store in 2011 was very special - joining the exec team and working with a great group of people to deliver so many great changes across the seven stores and business.

One stand out moment was after four years of working on the project, opening the first phase of our Amsterdam Masterplan - the new Beauty and Accessories Halls on the ground floor – a proud moment.

And of course, re-joining Selfridges in 2017!

What do you love about working for the Selfridges group?

It's great to work for a family business focused on developing stores and a business for the long term. This puts the customer at the forefront of all our decisions. We're constantly striving for newness and to be the best at what we do.

The creativity, diversity, pace, and drive of our businesses is addictive!

What is the best careers advice you have been given?

Don't assume! And - empowering people and teams is critical, but make time to check every detail, take ownership and responsibility.

Describe the experience of living and working in the Netherlands?

Well, living right in the centre of Amsterdam for nearly six years was fantastic! It was an incredible opportunity to both live and work in a different culture and extremely fulfilling to understand and embrace the culture of the country and business. Developing new management and leadership styles to be effective was challenging, but crucial and very rewarding.

You have had a fantastic career in the group, what has helped you achieve your goals?

I'd say you have to follow your gut instinct, when you have a feeling something isn't right, 99% of the time it isn't, so take action! Be flexible in how you get there, but always keep the end goal as your main focus. See change as an opportunity and deliver what you say you will. Always ask yourself who can help you, even the ones you don't have a good relationship with.

And finally - be consistent and relentless, but have fun!