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Selfridges Group is a community of diverse and hugely talented individuals, always learning and growing, part of a rich network of opportunity that crosses roles, cultures and continents.

Wherever in Selfridges Group you work, you'll find the same unique mix of creativity and energy, style and substance.

For those with drive and ambition, there's always something new to do, something new to discover.

Our Career Stories

Great retail is about stories.

It's our people who unlock these great stories. Here are some...

"Experiencing a new country and culture with my family was an exciting time in our lives"

Marcus Wyss
Divisional Vice-President and General Manager, Holt Renfrew

I began my career with the Group in 2013 as General Manager of the de Bijenkorf Rotterdam store. Moving my family from the US to Netherlands to Canada was an exciting time in our lives as we embraced a new country and culture. And it was the perfect time to join de Bijenkorf - they were making lots of positive changes to the business. After three years an opportunity became available in Canada at Holt Renfrew, to join as the GM of their newest store being built at Square One Mall in Mississauga. After a successful opening I then transferred to the Yorkdale store in Toronto.

What have been your career highlights?

A real highlight at de Bijenkorf was achieving the €100m sales benchmark in 2015. And opening a new Holt Renfrew store was a big moment. Seeing the store from shell to opening day was an exciting time.

What was it like living and working in the Netherlands?

It was great to learn the Dutch beliefs around team ethic and collaborative working. On a personal note, the Dutch have a fantastic appreciation of the outdoors, travel and focus on quality time with family. Finally, I know the French are proud of their cheese - but if you haven't tasted a great Dutch cheese you're missing out – heel lekker (very tasty)!

What is the best careers advice you have been given?

There have been several pieces of advice I think of often: don't let cultural differences discourage necessary change; find what speaks to your team and move forward because you eventually have the team you deserve; and don't compromise your standards for anyone because the customer will notice.

What made you want to stay within the Group rather than move to a different company?

The biggest factor to my staying with the Group is its vision of where we're going, and the incredible investment in our future. In this competitive environment where we see other's retracting, we are forging ahead to own our space in each country's market.

"It was time to broaden my horizons"

Marieke de Raedt
Head of Online Trading, Netherlands

In 2005 I got the opportunity to undertake an internship - I was passionate about working for the best retailer with strong values and a 'customer first' approach. That company turned out to be de Bijenkorf. By 2011 I'd made it to Customer Service Manager. I was then offered the position of Assistant Category Specialist, then two years later the role of Category Manager: a new challenge which required me to head the category, merchandise and photo studio teams. In 2015 an opportunity arose to contribute to the de Bijenkorf talent program, which really helped me develop my leadership skills.

I loved that job but after almost three years I noticed I'd landed in my comfort zone - so I decided it was time to broaden my horizons. De Bijenkorf asked me where I wanted to be, where I wanted to take my career... so in 2016 I took a big step and left everything I knew behind; for a new adventure in Dublin, where I currently fulfil the role as head of online trading at Brown Thomas.

What have been your career highlights?

My promotion to Online Category Manager at de Bijenkorf was a real turning point in my career. And participating in the de Bijenkorf Talent Program was also an amazing experience; I worked on a 'Dragons Den-type' assignment with three other colleagues and we pitched the idea of the innovation pyramid to the executive board - which is now being put in to practice.

What do you love about working for the Selfridges group?

What I enjoy most is the constant drive and inspiration to do better. Working for the Group gives me the opportunity to work very hard for something I love and I'm powered by the opportunity to create a career that plays to my strengths.

What was it like living in Dublin and working in Brown Thomas?

To be honest, this was a big step for me. Although I didn't move to the other side of the world, everything was new: a new city, a new house, different language, new responsibilities, colleagues and business processes. It took a couple of months to get settled, but when I did it felt amazing! The experience has given me a deeper understanding of the Group, how the businesses work and at the same time it helped me getting to know myself better.

What has helped you achieve your goals?

I think it comes down to three things: firstly, stay curious – you have to keep up: keep reading and listening; secondly, be visible - have a voice, stay in touch; and finally - be reliable. Part of getting a promotion is about delivering what you say you're going to deliver, giving it 150% and always having a plan.

After a successful secondment with Brown Thomas, Marieke has now returned to de Bijenkorf.

"There have been quite a few career highlights!"

Chris Brant
Director of Retail Projects & Facilities Management, United Kingdom

What have been your career highlights?

Thankfully there have been a few!

After joining Selfridges in 2003 I was part of the fantastic team and experienced the building and opening the Birmingham store.

Moving to Amsterdam to join de Bijenkorf and run the Amsterdam store in 2011 was very special - joining the exec team and working with a great group of people to deliver so many great changes across the seven stores and business.

One stand out moment was after four years of working on the project, opening the first phase of our Amsterdam Masterplan - the new Beauty and Accessories Halls on the ground floor – a proud moment.

And of course, re-joining Selfridges in 2017!

What do you love about working for the Selfridges group?

It's great to work for a family business focused on developing stores and a business for the long term. This puts the customer at the forefront of all our decisions. We're constantly striving for newness and to be the best at what we do.

The creativity, diversity, pace, and drive of our businesses is addictive!

What is the best careers advice you have been given?

Don't assume! And - empowering people and teams is critical, but make time to check every detail, take ownership and responsibility.

Describe the experience of living and working in the Netherlands?

Well, living right in the centre of Amsterdam for nearly six years was fantastic! It was an incredible opportunity to both live and work in a different culture and extremely fulfilling to understand and embrace the culture of the country and business. Developing new management and leadership styles to be effective was challenging, but crucial and very rewarding.

You have had a fantastic career in the group, what has helped you achieve your goals?

I'd say you have to follow your gut instinct, when you have a feeling something isn't right, 99% of the time it isn't, so take action! Be flexible in how you get there, but always keep the end goal as your main focus. See change as an opportunity and deliver what you say you will. Always ask yourself who can help you, even the ones you don't have a good relationship with.

And finally - be consistent and relentless, but have fun!

"London has been both challenging and fascinating. It's so vibrant and there is so much going on..."

David Claffey
Business Lead - Digital Content Management, United Kingdom

I started in Brown Thomas in Dublin in 2014 where I initially worked on the Online Fulfilment system. From there I moved into working on the front end of the Brown Thomas website for the re-platform project in 2016. I was then offered the opportunity to lead the Selfridges Smart Content project to replace the content management system so it has been a varied journey!

What have been your career highlights?

I have really enjoyed working in retail for the last few years but one of my highlights was in 2010 when I worked in South Africa setting up an online wine retailer which was very exciting.

What do you love about working for Selfridges group?

The people - I've worked with some fantastic people across Brown Thomas and Selfridges. And in my dealings with de Bijenkorf and Holts, I see the same can-do attitude and willingness to help and learn.

What is it like living in London?

London has been both challenging and fascinating. It is a huge city so it takes a while to really find your bearings. But it is so vibrant and there is so much going on that once you get settled you can really start having an amazing time!

You have had a fantastic career in the Group, what has helped you achieve your goals?

Working with really energetic people who are customer focussed and excited about making positive change a reality.

What are the best things you’ve learnt from this varied career with us?

Building strong relationships with everyone I come in contact with - be they fellow workers, project stakeholders, other departments, executives, and most importantly customers.

What similarities and differences have you seen across the banners you’ve worked in?

The positive and progressive attitude of everyone really helps to get things done. As for the differences, ultimately all the banners are separate companies that do things in different ways. But this individual identity is the ultimate strength of each brand.

"I’ve never visited Ireland before I moved. It’s been such a pleasant surprise!"

Venus Tsang
MBA Intern, Brown Thomas

I began my career in publishing at the Conde Nast offices in New York, while I was studying for my journalism degree from NYU. After I graduated, I worked as a content producer at a boutique travel publisher in Hong Kong, until I applied for my MBA and moved to London to enrol at London Business School. The luxury retail space is a huge area of interest for me, so I applied to the Selfridges Group MBA internship, and ended up joining Brown Thomas in Dublin for a 6-month placement.

Describe your role in Brown Thomas?

I work between the Multichannel and Marketing teams as a project manager for the Brown Thomas Magazine, which I helped to launch in September 2017 and which I hope to operationalise into a quarterly digital publication.

What have been your highlights so far?

Getting the first issue of the magazine live has been my most rewarding moment yet, and the reception has been very positive from both internal and external stakeholders so far.

What do you love about working for the Selfridges Group and Brown Thomas?

I think Brown Thomas promotes a very collaborative environment, and I've found my colleagues and directors to be genuinely supportive of each other's goals. That I have colleagues who are at BT on secondment from sister Selfridges Group businesses (and vice versa) is both interesting and inspiring.

Describe the experience of living and working in the Ireland?

Ireland has been such a pleasant surprise – I had never even visited before I moved! Although moving to a new city and starting a new job can be a tough transition, it has been so easy in Dublin. The Irish are so fun and friendly, and they really value a good work/life balance.

What are the best things you’ve learnt so far?

I think great opportunities always come with their fair share of challenges, and my time with BT has been an important lesson in facing these head on and making strategic decisions and recognising trade-offs at the outset. And afterwards, to identify key learnings so we can continuously adapt and improve!