Welcome to the world's most iconic retail brands

Selfridges Group provides leading luxury shopping experiences for millions of customers around the world.

Bringing together the international store portfolio of Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Galen Weston, Selfridges Group consists of five iconic brands:

Brown Thomas and Arnotts in Ireland, Holt Renfew in Canada, Selfridges in the UK and de Bijenkorf in the Netherlands.

Reimagine Retail

Ours is a family that does things differently.

Hugely proud of our past but always looking forward, we’re passionate about a better retail future for our customers and our people.

Achieving this takes a special kind of balance.

Between the beauty and creativity of the stores, our amazing online destinations, and the dedication and energy that drives them.

Between the truly iconic and the richly human.

Always in the moment, but built to last, whether it's bricks and mortar or online spaces. Driven to success but committed to doing it right.

Because we care about where we’re going and we care about how we get there.

Our Businesses

Selfridges & Co is simply one of the world’s most iconic names. Since first opening its doors more than a century ago, it has been famed for its style, creativity and innovation.

Embedded in the heart of London, Birmingham and across two sites in Manchester, Selfridges is synonymous with all that is thrilling about luxury retail.

Selfridges was founded in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, a visionary with an intuitive understanding of the theatre of retail.

The London store’s rich and vibrant past is captured in a highly successful TV series “Mr Selfridge”, which charts the beginnings of the store and the story of its founder.

In 2003, Selfridges was acquired by the Weston family who were keen to build on their success in Canadian and Irish luxury retail. Under the Weston’s ownership, its stores have undergone a renaissance, achieving a leading position among the world’s great department store brands.

Constantly updated, Selfridges is renowned for its exceptional customer service, cutting-edge design, and great products. It represents the pinnacle of leading luxury shopping experiences.

Recognised globally for its unique approach to retailing, Selfridges has been voted ‘Best Department Store in the World’ for an unprecedented three times by the Global Department Store Summit in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Our Values

Our values are an integral part of our business, defining and informing everything we do. They are shaped around our primary goal of delivering leading luxury shopping experiences.

Exciting our customers

What our customers care about, we care about. Inspired by their passion for luxury shopping experiences, we want to make every visit to our stores an opportunity to discover something new that excites, amazes and surprises. We achieve this with our world-class customer service and by constantly re-inventing everything we do for our visitors from all over the world.

Inspiring our people

Dynamic people that love our businesses are the bedrock of our success. We are committed to providing our team members with the tools, information and support they need to deliver a great results every time. We create exciting environments, where people can thrive, realise their full potential and have a little fun along the way.

Working as one

We believe that we are stronger together, and greater than the sum of our parts. We place significant emphasis on team work and sharing knowledge, skills and expertise across the Group so we all benefit and continue to excel. Each and every one of our team members has something to offer and contribute as we drive our business forward.

Driving creativity and innovation

From their foundations, our businesses thrive on new ideas and innovation that provide leading luxury shopping experiences to our customers. We are pioneers in the fast-changing retail landscape, using technology to enhance shopping experiences and engage our customers in new and exciting ways.

Respecting our world

We want to leave a positive and lasting legacy for future generations. That applies to our people as well as our customers. We are considerate of the world around us. Respect and integrity extend to all the societies and communities we operate in and we support and celebrate extraordinary people and causes.

The Weston Family

Galen Weston, Chairman Selfridges Group

Retail is in my family's DNA and as a young boy I remember spending holidays and Saturdays working in our stores.

This early interest developed into a passion and a journey that has culminated in the creation of a portfolio of unique retail destinations that have set the standard for luxury shopping experiences around the world.

My introduction to luxury retail began in earnest in 1971 when my Irish wife, Hilary inspired me to buy Brown Thomas in Ireland. In fact, my family has always been extremely important to me in helping grow our businesses.

From there I ventured into the Canadian luxury retail market in 1986 when I bought Holt Renfrew before seizing the opportunity to acquire Selfridges in 2003. The Selfridges name already meant something to me as I was born in the UK and I remember visiting the Oxford Street store in London as a child. My connections with the country were further strengthened when my daughter Alannah chose to study and later settle in the UK.

In 2011, we moved into the Netherlands with the acquisition of de Bijenkorf, which also has a personal resonance for me as my grandmother was Dutch.

Most recently, we returned to Ireland and acquired Arnotts in 2015.

I am incredibly proud of the teams in each of our businesses and what they have achieved over the years. We continue to make great strides together and I firmly believe that we are stronger working as one, where knowledge, skills and expertise can flow freely across the Group.

We remain a family business with all the benefits that this brings. I enjoy nothing more than walking the shop floors and talking with customers and team members. Alannah, my daughter, was the Creative Director for Selfridges in the UK before taking on the role of Group Deputy Chairman in 2014. Each generation really does bring something new to the business.

We have a strong and dynamic senior management team who are effectively led by Selfridges Group Managing Director, Paul Kelly. Exceptional talent runs right through our business and we are committed to nurturing and developing our people so they can always deliver a great result. Each business has its own unique identity but they do share a number of similarities; a rich heritage, exceptional service, quality products and a thirst for creating new and exciting experiences to tempt and surprise customers.

Our businesses offer something truly special that you just cannot find anywhere else and we are constantly challenging ourselves to go even further, to keep growing and delivering leading luxury shopping experiences around the world.