The Gallery of Found Art at Brown Thomas

22 January 2016

A group of talented young students from The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) have been commissioned to design special art pieces from found objects for Brown Thomas' very first window displays of 2016.

Amazingly, the second year students of Textile, Jewellery, Glass and Metalwork at NCAD have taken everyday objects such as plastic bottles and chopsticks and turned them into beautiful works of art, unrecognisable from their original form and purpose. 

In total, six of the works are displayed in the windows of Brown Thomas Dublin, three installations are on show on the first floor, and an additional sculpture has been installed in the menswear department. In the case of the bottles, these have been used to make an innovative chandelier, the chopsticks have been used to make an elegant sculpture and a radiator has been transformed into a chair. 

'The Gallery of Found Art' is part of the CREATE project, which promotes new Irish design talent, and can be viewed from 22 January through to 21 February at Brown Thomas Dublin.